Day 25

I was planning on going to the Undergraduate Research Symposium to see Isaac and Lee (undergraduates in my lab), and Maryam, Rory and Jimmy’s respective presentations.  However, I had a lot of work to do, so I stayed at the lab.

For my own project, I finished watching all the scan path videos, and I counted all the regressions.  I now have regressions data! Yay! Regressions increased as the level of difficulty of the reading increased, which is what I expected.  My data analysis is once again out of date, so I exported the new data so I can finish new data analysis over the weekend.

I spent most of my time working on Vic’s project.  I’m almost finished with the picture videos, which I’m really happy about because the picture videos are definitely the hardest.  Ok, well first of all, there are 4 types of videos:

  • Video games (like the screen shot from the previous post with Fireboy and Water girl-subject plays video game)
  • Math (subject looks at complicated math stuff with recursives and weird logic symbols)
  • Website (subject answers questions about a website while looking/exploring it)
  • Pictures (subject examines and describes various pictures)

I spent most of my time trying to figure out where the subject was looking at in this image:

better stuff


That’s how the image looks in real life.  However, in the video, it looks like this:



The pictured fixation is easy.  It is clearly looking at the center woman.  However, it is much harder to see the details of the picture, like the coin in the right woman’s hand, the chain the center woman is cutting off, the left woman’s face, the coin purse the pickpocket is stealing, etc.  These are the important details we want information about.  Through experience, I now have a good grasp of where these details are on the picture, and I can tell if the subject is looking at them or not, but it still takes a while because I want to be as accurate as possible.  However, the images in the other video types are not  as complicated, so they shouldn’t take me as long.

After work, we had a Star Wars movie night, which was awesome.  We watched A New Hope, the original and the best one in the saga.


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