Day 26

First, I showed Jeff the Excel spreadsheet Lizzy and I made for our first project.  Then I spent most of the day coding fixations for the videos.  I got through a large chunk of them today.  I finally finished all the picture videos, and I finished all the video game videos as well.  I also did one math one and one website one.  the math one was difficult because one of the problems was really hard to see because the font looked really faint in the video.  For the website one, I’m only supposed to code the fixations made while certain questions were asked.  She gave me the questions, but not the time in the video that those questions were being asked.  I tried to find the questions within the video, but I couldn’t hear the video that well.  I blame Macs.  Anyways, due to the nature of the video, I decided in was easier to code the entire video rather than to keep looking for those specific questions.  So, I coded ass the fixations in the video.  When Vic returns, she should be able to isolate the parts she wants.

After work, I went to the Mees Observatory along with everyone else.  It was cloudy, but we were able to see a couple stars of the big dipper through the telescope.  Overall, it was a great experience.  Also, we watched Hercules (Disney version) on the ride back.  It was awesome.


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