Day 23

Today was another productive day.  We had a couple more test subjects, but I spent most of today writing the paper for our first project.  Lizzy and I made a lot of progress on it today.  In fact, we are almost done with the first draft of the paper-we just have to finish the conclusion and the abstract.  Since this is my first real research paper I’ve ever written, I’m a little worried, but when we finish it, Susan will help us revise it.

I also helped Vic with her project.  I used the BeGaze program to “code” certain key areas in various pictures.  I told the program what the subject in the video was fixating at, and eventually, the program is supposed to recognize what the subject is fixating at based on the previous information it was given.  However, the program was not very good at guessing where the subject wa fixating at.  I think this is due to the poor quality of the image in the video (in the video, the subject is looking at a picture and the picture is hard to see), and the small size of the image in the video.

I also looked at some of the scan path videos for my individual project and counted the number of regressions.  I have regression data for 4 test subjects and we have over 20 test subjects and counting.  Counting the number of regressions is very time consuming, but I hope to get regression data for all the test subjects before my presentation.

Lizzy and I confirmed that we will do the background information part of the presentation together because our background information is basically the same.  We also had Susan look over our abstracts and I send a finalized copy of my abstract to Bethany, although the results may still change as we are still collecting data.


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