Day 22

Today was actually super busy.  Lizzy and I had a lot more test subjects largely thanks to Bob sending out a mass email to the building (thanks Bob!).  We have about 20 data sets we can actually use, and about half of those are adults, so I can compare teens and adults in my presentation (yay).

Susan also told Lizzy and I to write a lab report on the first project we did this summer.  We started it, but we still have a ways to go.

I also analyzed the data I had so far.  The trends are the same as I expected, but they might change because we are still testing people.  I submitted my abstract, but I’m worried that it’s not good enough, mostly because my data isn’t ready yet, so the results portion of my abstract may change between now and the presentation.

Susan also suggested that I look at regressions in addition to fixations and saccades.  Regressions are when a people makes a backwards saccade, and are generally measures of how difficult a reading is.  According to Keith Rayner, about 15% of saccades are regressions in a normal reading.  I really liked that idea, but the problem is that the BeGaze doesn’t count regressions, so to get regression data, I would have to play each scan path video and count all the regressions myself.  Although I may not have time to count all of them, I will definitely look into it and mention the forimg pattern in my presentation.

I taught a person in my lab how to use the Gazetag program (the program Jeff showed me yesterday).  I tried to teach the program to recognize a doctor, and his two patients-a man and a woman sitting next to each other.  I got the program to recognize the doctor and woman pretty consistently, but it kept thinking the male patient was the woman.  Silly program.  I will be working with this program morein the future, so I’m pretty excited about that.


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