Day 20

So, today, a couple people came to take our test, but we can’t use some of the data because of permission slips (that should be remedied quickly).  I started to analyze the data first thing in the morning, but then, I realized it was kind of pointless analyzing data when not all the data was in yet, so I stopped.

The barbecue was fun, as always.  I’m so sad that this is our last one.  The volleyball was great as well, especially towards the end.  We also discovered that Maryam is a beast at volleyball, even though she has never played competitively.

Afterwards, I got bored, so I analyzed the data anyways.  It didn’t take me that long, mostly because Microsoft Excel is amazing, and although the SMI is really inaccurate, it was awesome statistical capabitilies.  Here is the data I analyzed: For clarification, Fixations=when a person stares at something, and Saccades=when a person moves their eyes.

Teens Easy Medium Difficult
Average Length of Trial (seconds) 61.14 71.48 120.85
Average Number of Fixations 190.1  213.8  299 
Fixations per Second 3.21  3.09  2.64 
Average Duration of Fixations (ms) 213.35  228.09  262.1 
Average Length of Saccades (cm) 3.93 3.69 2.97
Adults Easy Medium Difficult
Average Length of Trial (seconds) 86.81 122.23 173.03
Average Number of Fixations 278  255  483 
Fixations per Second 3.2  2.1  2.8 
Average Duration of Fixations (ms) 223.4  198.2  201 
Average Length of Saccades (cm) 3.00 1.75 1.68

So far, the data matches my predictions (more and longer fixations, shorter saccades as the difficulty increases, and change in teens is less than change in adults), except for the Average Duration of Fixations for adults.  Then again, I have 10 teens and 1 adult that I can legally analyze data for, so this data is probably skewed.

So, the bottom line is, we need more test subjects!


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