Day 17

Today, Lizzy and I encountered a problem-she was using a book for her experiment and the book won’t show up on the BeGaze (analysis program) because it is not actually on the screen.  I remedied this by  taking a picture of the book and putting it on the screen, but then we had trouble  getting the picture and the actual book to line up with each other, and then, there was an issue with the depth perception between the book (thick) and the picture (not thick).

After lunch, Jeff said that the reason why our attempts to calibrate the book and picture were failing was because the eye tracker had a degree of errror.  We then put in the picture that seemed to be the closest (it had the best results when we tested it and it lined up when I measured it).  Then, Lizzy and I went to the DIY Camera Lab and made the BigShot Camera, which was surprisingly fun, and even more surprisingly, I did not fail at it!  The DIY people then came to our lab and we tested them with our new eye tracking test.  However, the SMI thought Rachel had no eyes (probably because she has contacts)…


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