So, I’ve never written an abstract before, so here goes nothing:

Title: Analyzing Differences in Eye Movements of Teens and Adults When Reading

Abstract: Teens may be more capable of learning languages and other abilities than adults due to the fact that they have a higher amount of neuroplasticity than adults.  We asked whether this translates into the teens’ eye movements while reading, and how these movements progress into adulthood.  Both teen and adult subjects read the same series of passages on a computer screen; each passage had a different level of difficulty.  The subjects’ eye movements were tracked with a remote eye-tracking device.  By recording the reading patterns of the teens and adults and comparing them to each other, we could determine how one’s reading abilities develope from adolescence to adulthood.  Their eye movements were also analyzed to determine how the subjects adjusted to the more difficult reading passage.  Both teens and adults had longer, more frequent fixations, and shorter saccades during the more difficult passages.  In addition, the adults’ eye movements varied more between the different passages than the teens’ eye movements.  This research could improve the way teens and adults are taught to read, and could provide insight on the effects of neuroplasticity on reading.


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