Day 5

Today was super fun and productive!  We used the same images we took on Day 3 and manipulated them with photoshop some more.  I now have a clear idea of what the goal of the project is, so I should be a lot more productive.

The barbecue was so much fun!  We played volleyball, the greatest sport in the world, and even though it wasn’t as competitive as I am used to (I play volleyball competitively), it was more competitive than I thought it would be.  A surprising number of interns and students play volleyball.

After lunch, I played giant Jenga with Lizzy and her friend Sarah.  It was the most intense game of jenga I ever played, and I lost.  Then, I went back to manipulating images on photoshop.  For the first time, I had so much to do, that I didn’t want to leave!


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